STARS is changing the lives of families with children who have, or are at risk for developmental delays in the Golden Crescent Area since 1965.

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To serve in a supportive partnership with medical, educational, and psycho-social services for children with special health care needs, so that total care is provided in a context that is family centered, community based, and culturally competent.


Neurodevelopment Evaluations - Bayley Developmental Assessments - Nutritional Support - Coordination of Care - Specialist & Therapy Referrals - Educational Support - Preemie Follow-up Care - Synagis Administration - Community Resource


This clinic is the only Nonprofit Clinic of its kind in the state of Texas, and serves our seven county area including Victoria, Dewitt, Calhoun, Goliad, Gonzales, Jackson and Lavaca counties.


Most Insurance will cover the cost of child's appointment if authorization is required, the clinic staff works with the child's primary care physician or insurance to obtain it.

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